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July Consulting Updates - Bad Review Help News - 7/1/2014: General Contractor gets 2 bad reviews removed in one day. 7/2/2014: Lawyer discovers his only two-year-old 1-star review is removable. 7/3/2014: Maintenance company relieved after bad review comes down. 7/7/3/2014: Transportation company gains one-star rise in a day. 7/4/2014: $150 4th of July special active until 7/7/2014. . .

"Payment will be send only if reviews isn't deleted." Huu?

A wanna-be copycat online reputation management company seeks to pay for reviews that are *not* deleted. Clearly this Yelp reputation management outfit is a new one that barely grasps the objective of pay-for-performance Yelp help. I doubt these guys are even in Sherman Oaks, CA.

You only get one shot at a review removal folks -- do you want to risk it on offshore service providers who are only one proxy IP address away from being caught by Yelp?

The poor soul who hires this outfit to help them with Yelp will likely get flagged by Yelp and have all new reviews filtered for the rest of time.

Not a good move.

Why entrust your reputation to those who don't care to do the work themselves let alone master the art of removing reviews?

You deserve help from an expert who actually cares about the future of your business more than the profits to be gained by advertising for services they cannot and do not deliver themselves.