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July Consulting Updates - Bad Review Help News - 7/1/2014: General Contractor gets 2 bad reviews removed in one day. 7/2/2014: Lawyer discovers his only two-year-old 1-star review is removable. 7/3/2014: Maintenance company relieved after bad review comes down. 7/7/3/2014: Transportation company gains one-star rise in a day. 7/4/2014: $150 4th of July special active until 7/7/2014. . .

Yelp & Small Business,The Lifeblood of Our National Economy

Anne Phillps made a poignant statement in the Huffington Post that summarizes why I do the work I do:

"Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy and provide most of the jobs, so if they go under because of misleading Yelp reviews isn't the overall economy the one that ultimately suffers? I just wonder how many folks might be working today if those businesses were still around."

Small business is the lifeblood of our economy, yes, this is true. What impact has websites such as Yelp made on the national economy? I'm looking forward to the university studies that have yet to be conducted.

As for the solution. . .

I believe small business education on what they're going to need to do to survive a Yelp reputation crisis and then thrive after it passes is essential. I have all of the necessary technical expertise and background to be an effective team member as you work towards resolving a reputation problem on Yelp.

I study what can be done so that you don't have to roll over and let any online company hurt your business. I am passionate about this work. Let's work together before budget becomes a problem. Let me help you now. We might be able to make things better overnight -- but sometimes it can take time -- just be open and you'll see good results in good time. Most importantly, stay realistic in how fast you expect to solve an online reputation problem. There are dozens of variables that must be addressed and taken into consideration.

Before you think about cheating the system in a moment of desperation, call me. The penalty for cheating is stiff -- plus you are above taking such desperate measures anyway. Let someone qualified, a person who actually cares about your situation, consult with you and help you get this situation under control. Call me.

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