We focus on keeping your risk is low. No annual contracts for robot use are required, however, after an initial free 15 minute consultation to help you better understand what we can do for you, all future consultations on applying the TextLink.Me Method to your highly common but extremely unique situation are billable by the hour.


Bulk Rate Pay For Performance Negative Review Removals

$150 for one to two successful negative review take downs.

$300 for two to four successful negative review take downs.

$500 for five or more negative review removals (ideal for busy online profile pages).

Consultation Rates (Optional)

Phone Consultations: $150 an hour

Email Consultations: $60 an hour

In-person Consultations: $500 Day Rate + Expenses


Text-to-Web Robot Rates

Self-Managed Robots: Prices vary. Minimum cost is $250 per month + nominal usage fees of approximately ten cents per prescribed action.

Professionally Managed Robots: Minimum cost is $500 per month with no usage fees until a usage cap is reached.


Required Material Costs (Optional)

Partially Customized Generic Template Licensing Fee: $100 for unlimited use with TextLink.Me technology, only.

Fully Customized Materials: $300 flat fee. Refreshing your supply of materials can cost as little as $100, provided that changes are not requested.

Post-Consultation DIY Materials: Free. You'll have to produce them yourself if they are required in the implementation of our plan to solve your problem.