Our method is powerful enough to minimize or solve your problem in a day.

Our TextLink.Me Text-to-Web Robots are designed to return your full control over how your company is perceived online. The TextLink.Me Method® itself consists of five distinct proprietary strategies designed to resolve the most common problems involving negative online publicity that adversely impact a wide assortment of good businesses.

How fast the method can solve your problem will depend on your level of engagement with the prescribed method and the severity of your online marketing problem. Minor problems can be solved rapidly while bigger ones will take more time to solve, naturally.

80% of people use texting for business (with a near perfect open rate). Your results depend on how quickly you can execute our custom strategic plan based on our well-researched methodology. Major brands such as Starbucks and Walmart use text-to-web technology to their advantage. You can too. Gain the status of deploying expensive text-to-web technology and the structure needed to reduce or eliminate a big headache online, all on scale designed to fit your specified budget.