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Will There Ever Be A Technology That Can Stop Fake Reviews?

G2 Crowd
is working on technology to get around the fake review problem of fake reviews. One of its methods is using LinkedIn to authenticate users. Another is to deploy the use of screenshot technology to ensure that reviewers are real.

Will these types of tech solutions be able to stop fake reviews?

I have my doubts. The trouble is that LinkedIn authentication remains an arbitrary variable in combating fake reviews. Fake companies and fake profiles can be expected to counter any earnest attempt to control reviewer quality.

I do like the screenshot/reviewer concept. I can see how that might prove to be an ideal way to weed out fake reviews. . . until people start photoshopping eyes, ears and noses to get around image validation methods. . . any type of software-use screenshot can easily circumvented by a wide variety of methods, too.

Sadly, with all due respect for those trying their best to stop fake reviews, at this point in the history of technology, considering fake reviews as a solvable problem remains naive.

Only when we must log in with our fingerprint identity credentials will the issue become less prominent, but even then there will always be magicians who are more than capable of making fingerprint molds.

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