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Economics: Is Yelp Enabling The Destruction of America, Our Economy -And- Free Enterprise?

If you've been following the news you may have heard that Yelp has joined the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which is an increasingly controversial organization in Washington, DC. Yelpers are up in arms about Yelp's public support of the organization. Since the news about the union between Yelp and ALEC broke earlier today, as of 5:06 PM, Elite and non-Elite Yelpers have written 2280 bad reviews on ALEC's Yelp Business Page.

The flurry of one-star ratings are accompanied by troubling comments. Some reviewers urge their peers to stop using Yelp. A few attempt to protect the social media website itself while condemning its owners. Others suggest that something more sinister is at work behind Yelp's alignment with ALEC.

Compelling ALEC Yelp page review screenshot.

Peder B of Oakland, CA states, "Did not know that Yelp was supporting the destruction of America..."

Ladies and gentleman, could it be true?

Yelp now undergoes its own major publicity crisis. . . let's watch how Yelp Corporate and the website's die-hard fans handle themselves.

Perhaps the greater public will begin to wonder about Yelp's potential adverse impact on local economies next. One can only hope!

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