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July Consulting Updates - Bad Review Help News - 7/1/2014: General Contractor gets 2 bad reviews removed in one day. 7/2/2014: Lawyer discovers his only two-year-old 1-star review is removable. 7/3/2014: Maintenance company relieved after bad review comes down. 7/7/3/2014: Transportation company gains one-star rise in a day. 7/4/2014: $150 4th of July special active until 7/7/2014. . .

Case Studies

If I were to list the clients I serve, I'd be perpetuating reputation damage, and I can't do that in good conscience. So instead, I offer you five case studies to consider. They're written to protect the business' image as well as that of the business owners and marketing directors I've consulted with.

Case Study #1

One business was suffering a 1.5 star rating since 2011 as his competitors had 4 stars or better. He had begun to advertise on Craigslist to make up the loss of business, but it wasn't helpful enough. When he met me, he was sure that Yelp was a racket as he suffered under the weight of a 1-star review on page 1 of Google. He was rightfully angry. His once successful business, established in 1973, was going down the tubes.

After our work together, his score began to increase in 3 weeks. By our 3rd month his score increased to 4-stars. He maintained the 4-star Yelp score for an entire year after we concluded the project. It's now 2014 and he still has a 4-star rating. It is as if he is now immune from ever having to suffer a 1-star rating ever again. I want the same for you.

As I told the client referenced above, "All you have to do is believe we can increase your Yelp rating and follow my lead..." He took the leap of faith, begrudgingly, and I put an end to his nightmare in 3 months.

Does this business owner still believe Yelp is a racket. Yes he does. Is he in control of this business force now? Yes he is.

Case Study #2

Two professionals in business requiring licensees and advanced degrees fell from a 4-star rating to a 3.5-star rating after employees had been caught stealing regulated substances in 2009. One bad review in particular was horrific enough to end a career, since it contained damning and convincing libel.

The professionals were afterwards bound to explain the circumstances surrounding this bad review to potential clients instead of delivering services.

They complained to me about of having to live their lives under the stigma that the bad review created, so I stepped in to assist. Within 4 days, 3-years of unjust and undue embarrassment ended. Their profile score rating is now 4.5 stars and their image is no longer tarnished by the words of bitter, unscrupulous ex-employees.

Case Study #3

A marketing director was responsible for 200+ Yelp profile locations and felt the matter needed expert attention. The bad reviews at one of the network's largest facilities was floundering online with a low star rating that was not only impacting his organization's bottom line and but also their overall image.

A climate of distrust had been growing online and he knew he had to take action. The Yelp profiles had become a dumping ground of hostility and libel. Bigotry was also another issue that was evident on one of the organization's profiles. If left unchecked, surely the entire corporation's image was going to suffer.

We tackled tons of bad reviews with great success. In fact, my success rate in removing reviews for this organization was in the 95% range. Whenever a bad review would go up, he'd write me, "This one's for the expert. What can we do?" It was a great experience the both of us -- it was great because we were effective.

Case Study #4

A successful service company in a major metropolitan area was suffering under an embarrassing 2-star rating.

In our first month of working together, he'd often say, "this isn't going to work." The hardest part of this case was getting him to trust me and apply the solutions.

He eventually did trust me and his score shot up to a respectable 4 by our second month! It was an amazing turn around to witness.

Now this client no longer has to worry as much about his competitors who were hanging his bad reviews over his head.

Case Study #5

A licensed professional with a fairly new business came to me about a single bad review that was just sitting on page 1 of Google. It made his entire new business look like a 1-star sham. To make matters worse, all of the good reviews he was getting were being filtered -- and he was locked out of his Yelp account as he tried to creatively solve the problem on his own.

We started to work together. The technical issues surrounding the lockout were resolved.

We then mulled over our options regarding the bad review and agreed an unorthodox plan of action. I executed it and the bad review was down in a day. He said to me, "You're golden. You need to advertise to help others like me."

And so I do.