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July Consulting Updates - Bad Review Help News - 7/1/2014: General Contractor gets 2 bad reviews removed in one day. 7/2/2014: Lawyer discovers his only two-year-old 1-star review is removable. 7/3/2014: Maintenance company relieved after bad review comes down. 7/7/3/2014: Transportation company gains one-star rise in a day. 7/4/2014: $150 4th of July special active until 7/7/2014. . .

Business Profile Rating Recovery

Get professional help with bad reviews and low scores at Avvo, Bing Places, Citysearch, Google, Healthgrades, Trip Advisor, Vitals, Yellow Pages, Yelp and other business rating websites. My confidential client list includes Fortune 500 companies, lawyers, dentists, contractors, franchise owners, hospitals, doctors, clinics, salons, financial services, veterinarians, real estate agents, marketing agencies and a wide range of other small businesses with just a few monthly clients and those that have upwards of 20,000+ monthly customers.

Businesses with 3.5 star ratings or less benefit from profile repair.

Increase Your Star Rating

My expertise enables you to raise your business star ratings and eliminate bad reviews whenever possible. You'll get the immediate attention and results you need whenever possible as my client. I know the ins-and-outs of what must be done. My clients are surprised when my remedies solve problems that have been been troubling them for weeks, months or even years.

Business Star Rating Recovery Time Frames

30% of my new clients are relieved of reputation problems within a day. More than 50% get an acceptable star ratings within 3 months. Some cases take 3 to 6 months.

Services Provided

Consumer rating repair requires strategy, planning, materials, progress monitoring and removal of review(s) from Google's cache after successes. I provide all of these services and more to ensure that your rating rises. I also have methods that protect you from ever having to suffer a rating drop again.

About Costs

Contact me and I'll take a look at what's happening and determine how I can best help you for no charge. I regularly waive upfront fees when a performance-based payment model is feasible. I've had clients fortunate enough to increase their star rating in just 3 days by following the advice given during a $150 consult.

In-depth consultations involving high levels of staff interaction, planning, monitoring, strategy-building and/or materials to raise your rating as quickly as possible ranges from $150 and $1000 a month, depending on the degree of profile damage and the amount of attention I need to give your case to be effective in helping you raise your rating.

It's impossible to offer this service for a one-size fits all price. Those who do it likely do so to the detriment of those who agree to pay them monthly fees.

Tangible Results

Although there are variables at work beyond our control, consistent attention and focus will result in recovering your good name online. Once a troubled business profile is repaired -- I've never seen star ratings drop to unacceptable levels afterwards.

Successful businesses need online profile TLC. Consumer review websites are a force to be reckoned with: expert access is a major competitive advantage online.