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July Consulting Updates - Bad Review Help News - 7/1/2014: General Contractor gets 2 bad reviews removed in one day. 7/2/2014: Lawyer discovers his only two-year-old 1-star review is removable. 7/3/2014: Maintenance company relieved after bad review comes down. 7/7/3/2014: Transportation company gains one-star rise in a day. 7/4/2014: $150 4th of July special active until 7/7/2014. . .

About Christina Hadley's Bad Review Help

I help honest, established and new businesses recover from reputation damage caused by bad reviews at consumer review websites.

I created the original idea of Profile Repair while working as a search engine marketing consultant on a Google-related reputation management project. I was looking out my office window at a parking lot. I wondered why it was empty. On a break I asked the neighboring business owner why his business was so slow despite his great location. He told me his low Yelp score was causing a rapid loss of business to competition. I offered to help raise his score and clean up his online profile. He agreed to let me help.

It didn't take me long to solve this problem that troubled him for two years. His 1-star Yelp profile rating rose to 2-stars and then 3-stars by the end of our 1st month's attack on his bad reviews. He ended up with a 4.5 star profile rating within 3 months. His full parking lot and happy face was the mark of our success. The good reputation he spent 30 years of his life building was now online for the world to see.

I discovered that a low online consumer rating is a reversible problem. It's now six years later and his profile still looks great! evolved after the above success. It's my tool to reach business owners with bad online reviews and low business review star ratings.

I know from experience the ability to repair an online profile is a gift and an art. I question if the others now offering removals or business profile rating repair services are effective. I ask myself, "Are they making promises that can't be kept?" I remember calling some of those agencies who were only selling good reviews back in 2009. No one back then realized the power of removing bad reviews, or at least they weren't advertising along those lines.

If you get nothing else from visiting my website, please watch out as you shop for help with your bad reviews. It's my duty to warn you of the scams out there now because I am the first consultant to specialize in business profile reputation repair as small businesses and franchise owners began to suffer the adverse effects of Yelp's growing popularity. You don't need fake reviews to repair your business rating. You need an expert on your team to recover.

I don't sell software that can't possibly solve your problem but I know the technology you should be using. I don't just read policies that you can read yourself. I don't take credit card information to set up an automatic debit. I won't suggest that all you need to do to raise your score is to let me handle it all for you. Nor am I "specialist" with a sales script.

I have strategies that work. I deliver higher profile ratings. I am the first search engine marketing consultant to devote my career to fixing damaged Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other influential consumer rating website business profiles. I will guide you with years of experience behind me and you will recover your good name in good time.

I watch businesses recover from bad reviews all of the time. My clients love their results.