This briefing is designed to help you make choices about your online reputation. Reputation management firms charge thousands of dollars to push bad press off of Google’s page 1 search results, but consultants can charge less and have ample experienced-based advice to share. Scroll down to see your options and learn how to remove and/or reduce the threat of bad reviews.


Remove Itkaboom

There are reasons review websites or upset customers will remove a bad review. You don’t have to accept all unfair things published about your business. Your case is unique. You’re more likely to successfully get a review removed with: 1) a just cause 2) a well-written request 3) an unemotional approach. We’re successful in removing qualified bad reviews 75% of the time — and clients only pay if the removal attempt works.


ohReply To It

People write pages on how to reply to a bad review online because the worst thing you can do is make no reply at all. That said, the easiest way to respond to a customer online is to recall the old adage, “The customer is always right.” Understand that the customer is right because they’re sharing their perception of their experience as a customer or a client. If their report is irrational in any way, your polite and professional reply makes you look reasonable.

Calm, private replies may even result in deleted bad reviews.


Outweigh It boom

Invite happy customers to write reviews wherever a bad review appears. Since people are more likely to leave a bad review, it’s realistic to assume that effort to get good ones is necessary. You can actually suppress a bad review with a bunch of good ones as well. A bad review can loose its influence among lots of good ones.

We build tech-savvy plans to get good reviews.


bamLitigate It

If the bad review contains libel, you may win a suit against the author. If you win, the review can be de-indexed from major search engines. While the website hosting the review may remove the information, Google certainly will abide by a court order to de-index it. The bad review will then no longer appears in its search results.

We assist during the entire process. Or we can help you make sure you don’t over pay for legal services.


Ignore Itkrunch

The cost of doing nothing is mild to severe. University studies are confirming that each point at a local business review website equals significant increases in revenue. If you elect to do nothing about bad review, and you’re not getting any new good reviews, be advised that the tarnishing of a business’ reputation can spiral out of control on the Internet and cost you the confidence of clients and customers. The good news is that if you’re getting lots of reviews, doing nothing isn’t a bad move, unless the contents of the review are so outrageous and potentially harmful that you feel you must take action.